Communication Lab

The lab consists of four subsets namely Analog, Digital, Microwave and Optical Fiber Communication. This lab is fully equipped to perform experiments such as AM, FM (Analog), ASK, FSK (Digital), Optical Fiber losses (Optical fiber communication) and Microwave Characteristics (Microwave). The Laboratory has been equipped with latest instruments in communication technology so that an in-depth experience may be given to students taking courses in field of communication Engineering. The instruments are regularly updated to keep pace with the rapid industrial growth

Electronics Lab

The Electronics Laboratory offers training in Electronics practice. In Electronics lab (I) the students are taught the basic electronics characteristics of BJT, Zener, Clamper etc. The Electronics Lab (II) lab offers the students a higher version of Electronics Lab (I) in which basic Amplifier, Oscillator circuit characteristics are taught. The laboratory has a large number of equipments.

Microprocessor Lab

The Microprocessor Laboratory has been equipped with all the relevant instruments and the latest in microprocessor based technology so that an in-depth experience may be given to students in microprocessor-based technology. The instruments have been regularly updated to keep pace with the rapid industrial growth. The different microcontroller kits are available for project purpose

Digital Lab & Computer organization Lab

The lab provides all the equipments to perform experiments such as Verification of gates, Half Adder, Full Adder etc. The Pulse & Digital Laboratory has been equipped with latest instruments in Digital technology so that comprehensive knowledge may be imparted to students. The instruments are regularly updated to keep pace with the rapid industrial progress.

Control System Lab

The lab has different modules such as PI-Controller, PID-Controller, Programmable Logic Controller kits to facilitate the experimentation as per curriculum as well as for aiding the project work.

Digital Signal Processing Lab

This lab provides excellent facilities for DSP. These include:

1. Lab View semiconductor with MATLAB.

2. Texas Board with CCS (Code Composite studio) software

Electronic CAD Lab

The Centre where students design and simulate Electronic Circuits on Computer systems with latest configuration having standard licensed software packages such as MATLAB ,VHDL, Active/ HDL, MultiSim, ORCAD, TASM, Lab View. This laboratory is extensively used for final year projects by the B.Tech. students.

Microwave Lab

The major equipments include Microwave Test Benches, VSWR Meter, Horn Antenna and Klystron Power Supplies. This lab has six Microwave benches and two experimental setups for Gunn diode and Gunn Oscillator

PCB Lab & Electronic Workshop

Printed Circuit Board Lab (PCB Lab): For PCB fabrication machines such as drilling machine, shearing machine, etching machine, protocure machine, UV exposure machine are available in laboratory along with a dark room facility. Students are also taught transformer design and winding. This lab equipped is with transformer winding machine.

Analog Integrated Circuit lab

The laboratory is fully equipped with various kits such as Frequency Multiplier kit, PLL kit, digital to Analog convertor kit etc. Also the instruments are regularly updated.

Project lab

The project Lab provides all the facilities for the students for the completion of their projects which are assigned in 7th Semester. The students are given time of one year for the completion of their project . Projects are guided by expert. This lab takes help from other labs also. It is equipped with different softwares like CADD,MATLAB, Lab View etc.


The central library of GNIOT has a wide collection of books on Science, Technology, Humanities and Management. It has acquired a large collection of books, journals and CDs etc. It has computerized its major house-keeping activities using library software (Libsys). It uses state of the art technology in its functioning and services. Technical books, journals and magazines and internet facility provides the necessary thrust to the all round development of our students. Internet facility to the students and faculty is available in central library online

In addition to the central Library, the department has its own departmental library. One copy of each textbook and reference books prescribed are available in this library. The magazines, project reports, seminar reports are also kept for the student's reference. It is also proposed to provide Internet facility to the students and faculty in this library for online interaction. The faculty is also very enthusiastic and has diverse interests, which encourages the students to follow any areas of their choice. Activities like Quizzes, Seminars, workshops etc. are conducted by the Departmental Society.

About Us

S.D College of Engineering and Technology was established by The S.D College Association in 1997. S.D.C.E.T is affiliated to Dr. A. P. J. AKTU Lucknow.

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