Personality Development and Soft Skills Training Program

Personality Development and Soft Skills Training Program

SDCET has its collaboration with reputed trainers for conducting personality development and soft skills training program for students with a view to enhance their communication skills and for their all-round personality development.


1. With an objective of the Personality Development Program in bringing development of all round personality with regard to different behavioral dimensions that have far reaching significance for the students.

2. The rationale behind this training program is the recognition of the multifaceted influence of the personality of the students upon institutional effectiveness.

3. Effective Personality Development Program can aid them in dealing with the challenges of the outside world more effectively and efficiently. Skills like problem solving, logical thinking, leadership and communication are highly essential for every candidate today so these key areas will be focused by PDP in enhancing career.

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S.D College of Engineering and Technology was established by The S.D College Association in 1997. S.D.C.E.T is affiliated to Dr. A. P. J. AKTU Lucknow.

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